What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching teaches you the necessary skills to create a life that you love!

What is it that energizes, motivates and makes you the unique person you are? Developing your strengths and defining what you really want are the foundation of our work. Together we will set goals and map out a specific plan with deadlines and measureable outcomes to move you forward.

Along the way, we will encounter your “conditioned tendencies” or patterns of interacting with the world. Everyone has conditioned tendencies that serve us well in some aspects of our lives, but this same characteristic is often a hindrance in reaching our goals. Some examples are: being a perfectionist, pleasing people, or making impulsive decisions. As a result of working together, you will be able to identify and then counteract your conditioned tendencies, accelerating your progress. This is a very powerful process that transforms my clients’ self-knowledge and allows them to understand their internal strength to control, shape and navigate their life.

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What You Can Expect:

• Improved self-care and health
• Better time management
• Optimal work/life balance
• Clearer communication at home and work
• Reduced stress
• Sharper decision-making skills
• Enhanced professional and personal relationship
• Professional success