Life Coaching Packages

Problem Solver Package  |  $165

Are you facing a dilemma or struggling to make a decision?
Uncover the thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck. I listen to your concerns, bring a new perspective, and help you find clarity. Together, we will discuss solutions and brainstorm actions so that you can move forward with confidence.

What’s Included:
• Brief questionnaire
• 1-hour phone consultation
• Personalized summary of insights and recommendations

Take The Leap Package  |  $395

Are you ready for a life-change, but having a hard time making progress?
Gain confidence and start shifting your thoughts and actions to align with what matters most to you. We’ll delve deeply into one area of your life, or address several places where you feel stuck. Through coaching, you will begin to understand yourself in new ways, and be emboldened to act in your own best interest.

What’s Included:
• Initial questionnaire
• 1-hour phone consultation
• 1 month of coaching (four ½ hour sessions)
• Personalized summary of insights and next steps

Kick Start Package  |  $875

Often when we feel overwhelmed, there are conditioned tendencies [link] blocking our progress. I’ll help you recognize the patterns that are holding you back. Together, we will define specific goals to help you regain your energy, clarity, and confidence. Regular sessions will help you feel supported as you take steps along your new life path. Expect to experience several breakthroughs as you uncover the heart of who you are.

What’s Included:
• Comprehensive questionnaire, and1-hour assessment
• Strategic map focused on key goals
• 3 months of coaching (twelve ½ hour sessions)
• Personalized summary of breakthroughs and next steps

Complimentary Session

I offer a complimentary one-hour coaching session. Contact me to schedule a call.