Rebecca Reimers Cristol

Rebecca Reimers Cristol


About Me

My Path:

Through being a competitive swimmer from age 9 to 20, I experienced the personal satisfaction of setting goals and working consistently to achieve them. What I learned from swimming informed my decisions in life and established the path for me to become a life coach, though I didn’t know it at the time.

As I embarked on my MFA in Jewelry Design, I met my husband of now 27 years. Degrees in hand, we traveled the world and I established jewelry studios as we moved around. Once we settled in Williamsburg, Virginia, we welcomed our two daughters and life became a richer balancing act. Moving often and having children helped me to understand the need for identifying my priorities.

Twenty years as an independent jewelry artist taught me to wear the multiple hats of being a designer, craftsperson, marketer and accountant. Managing my business provided hands-on training, and empathy, for the small business owner that informs my coaching today. While in my studio, unexpected wisdom came from my friends who called me daily for guidance on their life decisions. As we talked through their dilemmas, it became clear to me that I wanted to devote my energy to life coaching. 

Why Life Coaching:

Completing a piece of gold jewelry and swimming my personal best provided me the opportunity to understand the steps involved in steadily working towards a vision. Both required hours of discipline, training and risk of failure. Swimming and making jewelry also elicited pure joy in me. Contentment and finding your authentic self are intrinsic ideals of life coaching. Happiness and a sense of accomplishment are feelings that everyone deserves to experience regularly in their lives; this is what I want for my clients.

Join Me to Create Your Path:

My clients range from thriving business owners that want to expand or offer better customer service; to women entrepreneurs who are seeking work/life balance, to people who are stuck and don’t know how to take the next step. Whatever the quandary, I guide my clients to assess, declare and conquer.