Navigating Valentine's Day When You're Sailing Alone

If you’re in a happy romantic relationship, then you might cruise by aisles of heart-shaped candies with a smile and wonder what you will do to surprise your partner for Valentine’s Day. But if your romance is rocky or if you’re single and longing for a partner, then the festive pink and red candy might be more bitter than sweet. 

Here are some ways to get around resenting Valentine’s Day, even when every song on the radio is about romance, you are assaulted once a week with the question, “Are you still single?” and you live in a state that reminds you that “Virginia is for Lovers.”

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What Are Your Red Light Foods?

Name your it crunchy and salty? Creamy and sweet?

Or perhaps sweet and crunchy?

Whatever your dream combination, this is the food that you cannot stop eating until it’s gone. After you have feasted on an entire bag of potato chips and feel sick, they don’t seem so heavenly. But if another bag is in your pantry, you will gorge that down too.

A food that you cannot resist eating is called a red light food.

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Self-Care: Formulas for Eating Healthy

Figuring out how to fit healthy eating into busy schedules is something that I focus on with about ninety percent of my clients. Even if that’s not why they came to work with me, most people are neglecting their nutrition.

We all have different nutritional needs, but nearly everyone should be getting more water and eating more vegetables.

Here are some easy-to-remember formulas that I share with my clients to shift their eating habits in a positive direction.

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Self-Care Might Be the Secret to Contentment and Success

If I could give you just one piece of life coaching advice, it would be this: start with self-care.

I know what you’re thinking… it sounds too simple! We’ve all heard this advice before. Yet, I’ve seen this truth in my own life, and in the lives of many of my friends and clients.

At those times when we feel stuck and unsure of the path ahead, self-care is usually missing from our lives.

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How I Let Go of a Dream and Found a New Calling

Are you facing a challenge or feeling stuck? It is emotionally draining to be in a position where you don’t know what your next move should be.

I have experienced letting go of a dream and through that struggle learned to appreciate how impasses can leave you immobilized. I went from knowing what my grand plan was and the steps to get there, to having no idea where my life journey was headed.

It was unsettling and I felt like I was lost in the forest, looking around and unsure of which direction to go.

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Rebecca Reimers Cristol