Experience breakthroughs and start on a new path today!

"Rebecca helped me navigate my way into semi-retirement with clarity and purpose. So grateful for her coaching skills. I am now enjoying a happy part-time work transition with time for new and purposeful activities. Thank You!"
- K.M.

  • Clarified priorities for semi-retirement

  • Created new work/life balance, with time for meaningful activities

"I love Rebecca’s approach to coaching. She is always supportive, but also asks tough questions that uncover the thoughts and habits that are holding you back. I met my goals, but more importantly, gained the confidence to go after even bigger ones."
- Britt M.

  • Reached target income for first year in business

  • Feels younger, stronger and healthier

Rebecca helped me find peace when I felt overwhelmed by life's struggles. She emphasized taking care of me first. Self-care combined with the tools she gave me to manage my time and my business better, has led to a happier and healthier me. I'm having plenty of family fun time and I am making more money at my business. It has been a joy to work with Rebecca.
- Cathy H.

  • Increased her business earnings

  • Reduced stress-feels happier and healthier


With Rebecca's help I've found clarity on what truly matters to me and how I really want to spend my energy. Now she keeps me focused on my goals so I stay the course and don't wander off into the woods.
- Gretchen B.

  • Created time for self-care and fun home projects

  • Streamlined business management

  • Rocked “saying no”!

If you only knew how much you have changed my life. You are the Nobel Prize of life coaches. You are worth every penny and all of the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas!
- A.W.

  • Added exercising and eating healthy to her lifestyle; shed 20 pounds for good

  • Overcame anxiety and fear, gaining freedom to perform tasks outside the home.

Resolutions aren't always enough. Rebecca can help you weed out the behaviors that hinder your progress time after time so that your good intentions actually get good results… I finally learned to connect the dots -- that is, the behaviors in several areas of my life that were holding me back. I feel ready to tackle pretty much anything.
- Martha H.

  • Found a successful eating lifestyle that really worked and lost 25 pounds.

  • Experienced a habit breakthrough; completed novel and submitted it to a publisher.

I hired Rebecca to help me get through my never-ending to-do list. To my amazement, the experience helped me completely reorganize how I planned my days and weeks. I can honestly say that my life is better and more relaxed today, thanks to her wisdom and guidance.
- Suzanne D.

  • Completely revamped daily schedule to allow for a better balance of work, health and fun.

  • Helped her finally “let go” of a burdensome career obligation that was no longer adding joy to life.

Rebecca is absolutely amazing! I started my business 3 years ago and…Rebecca made several suggestions that have been the backbone to my appointment book staying full and loans being paid in full. I've reached my goals every year and I truly feel I have Rebecca to thank for that.
- Jan M.

  • Developed a business plan and launched new business.

  • Paid off business loans in first 16 months to be debt-free.

Rebecca ... won my trust, and ... showed me areas for improvement I had not considered. ‘No is a complete sentence,’ was one, when finding ways to free up time for important goals... I am aware of new ways to work that would not have happened without her support.
- P. Dixon

  • Doubled business income in first year.

  • Hired an assistant to manage new clients, allowing P.D. to continue growing the business.