Navigating Valentine's Day When You're Sailing Alone

Woman eating chocolates.jpeg

If you’re in a happy romantic relationship, then you might cruise by aisles of heart-shaped candies with a smile and wonder what you will do to surprise your partner for Valentine’s Day. But if your romance is rocky or if you’re single and longing for a partner, then the festive pink and red candy might be more bitter than sweet. 

Here are some ways to get around resenting Valentine’s Day, even when every song on the radio is about romance, you are assaulted once a week with the question, “Are you still single?” and you live in a state that reminds you that “Virginia is for Lovers.”

Buy the Candy

Indulge in that chocolate and buy it. You deserve to receive a gift on Valentine’s Day, so go ahead and treat yourself. Maybe it isn’t candy you crave, but Indian carry out, or that hardcover bestseller you’ve been eyeing. If this holiday is rough, soften it with a gift to you.

Connect with Friends

Loneliness is perhaps the hardest part about being in a failing relationship or being single. If you are tired of feeling alone, make Valentine’s Day a celebration of your friendships. Invite your pals over for a potluck and game night. Host a movie watching marathon and catch-up on Oscar-nominated films. 

Book a Massage

For many people, having every muscle in your body massaged is blissful. If this is you, book a massage, let go of your worries and enjoy. If a full-body massage isn’t your thing, ask the masseuse for just a back or foot massage. An inexpensive alternative is a soothing bath with essential oil, Epsom salts and a gripping novel. 


Get Some Heat

Tired of getting into a cold bed with no one to cuddle? Get a bed warmer or large heating pad. While it’s not the same as someone’s arms, it may help you to relax and fall asleep. Maybe now is the time to get the pet you have been longing for. Dogs will unconditionally love you, keep you company and snuggle you at night. 


Play Music 

Music can lift your mood in an instant. Pamper yourself with updated Bluetooth speakers and create an energetic playlist, banning all songs with references to love or heartache. Have a music exchange with friends and swap your five most invigorating tunes. Remember that the rule for no-romantic-references applies!


Distract Yourself

If Valentine’s Day is just going to be painful for you, ignore the Hallmark-created day and make a plan for extreme distraction.Volunteer to take care of cute puppies and kittens. Go to a homeless shelter and serve food or spend time with seniors at the local retirement home. Get out of town to visit a friend. Stay away from any reminders of your heartache.


Try Something New

Have you always wanted to take a salsa class? Go rock climbing? Learn to take better photos? Now is the time to challenge yourself by doing something new and exciting. 

Not only will this get you out of your rut and give you something to look forward to, you will meet new people and expand your circle of fun.


Remember that, whether or not you’re in a relationship, you are enough. Know that you can take charge of your happiness. IF